San Diego Comic Con 2014!

So I haven’t posted in a while. I have been busy with a lot of things so here are some pictures!

Almost done with Yuuko cosplay!

I tried the kimono on again and right now I am sewing some fishnet stockings super tight over the hair pieces to keep them from frizzing up.

I am trying to work with what I have.. so what you see is a zip tie getting wrapped up in black pipecleaner.. lots of them to make it thicker. I then glued wefts and wrapped them all around. As you can see, it is very frizzy. I tried using fray block and hair spray but both just get white, flakey, and gross.

So I was thinking about hair and realized.. hair nets? why not? well I don’t want to spend a lot of money on hair nets so I went to the cheapy 99 cent store and got a pair of fishnet stockings. Not just anykind - you need the kind where the diamonds/netting is very small and thin… I then cut a piece of it off and cut a one inch thick strip. I am right now pulling it together very tightly so that you can see the strands of hair shining through. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get a good picture of that though to explain it. Just imagine a hair net.

You can see the necklace a little here. I think it came out great :) I also took this shot to show that the sleeves are fully lined. I didn’t want any red peeking through - I want it just like in the picture where you can’t see anything but her arms coming out of white fabric.

Not bad, right? :) After I sew tear drop beads onto the hair piece, I will see if I have enough left for the garter.

actuallyluigi asked:
I'm working on a sailor fuku atm (like 1st season Sailor Moon cosplay) and the under bust seam doesnt look too great and i feel awful about any advice for when you feel unmotivated? youre an inspiration, otherwise oh man

Hi! What does it look like exactly and how are you doing it? Mine is actually a second bodice worn on top of the fuku. When you are feeling frustrated I suggest googling cosplays to see what other people did and how you can build upon that. :)

Accessorizing Yuuko-san!

So I have been working on the various little things that really make this outfit special. The kimono alone isn’t really enough, in my opinion

I was trying to find roses that matched the color in the reference picture, but couldn’t. So I decided I should just make my own which is perfect because she has roses of varying sizes making up her accessories.

This is the necklace I purchased.

Using a trimming I found a fabric store, I will make the garter and a bracelet.

I sewed the ends together as you can see above. I then added glass beads.

Corset finished…

and I don’t like it :(

It is a front lacing corset and it doesn’t pull me in much(as expected with a front lace system) so I don’t like how it looks… Maybe in the future I can add lace to the back but right now I don’t have time to think about that since SDCC is in a few weeks and I have other components of this cosplay to finish. imageHere I am making the modesty panel. As you can see, I used boing(zip ties) to keep the fabric from bunching up. There are two long strips at the edges, and then three across through the middle section.


Here is the corset.. the modesty panel is a success and nothing bunches up when I pull the corset in. However, I just don’t like how the corset looks. I feel as if it makes my waist look bigger (but maybe that is imagined?).

I  guess I am stuck with it.



EDIT: Response to a note below - “ A simple trick to try is to actually have two laces that each run a the ends and pull at the middle. It gives you more control over the shape and fitting.

I know that but then the lacing system wouldn’t match the one on Yuuko’s corset. I may consider a real lacing system in the back in the future but for now this is what I will stick with because I’m tired of working on this cosplay ~_~ I wanna just wear it already… 

Corset for Yuuko cosplay

I am feeling like I am almost done with this cosplay, at last! I bought some black grommets but it turns out they don’t hammer shut with the grommet setter kit I have so I ended up using gold grommets instead.

Since the corset has black grommets, I used acrylic paint mixed with polymer medium to paint them black. This is with one coat.

This actually dried really nicely and I’ll post more pictures soon. I plan to buy some sewable boning for the center modesty panel and then I will try this on over my kimono to see what adjustments need to be made. Then after that I will work on the accessories and be done!

I am back on twitter

Hi All!

I am back on Twitter. Please follow me as I am going to try to figure out tweeting :)


By the way, pictures of cosplay progress to come very soon!

Sailor Pluto at Sakura Matsuri 2014 BBG

I haven’t posted in a while. I have been training for a karate tournament and I am understandably lazy afterwards. Anyway I shall take some time out of my day to post some pictures.

Yuuko progress

It has been a while since I thought about the rose kimono. It needs a few little things here and there, like a few hook/eye closures, and some more snap buttons. Here is is, probably at 90% completion.

Looka that LEG! haha, anyway, I need a few snaps from the start of the slit up to the corset to stop the fabric from bunching up until the slit starts. You can kind of see the bunching if you look closely. I won’t add these extra snaps until I finish the corset that is to be worn with this since the length of that one is different.

You can see it here. See that bunching just below the corset, before my leg peeks out? You can also see the corset I am going to wear with this in the background on my dressform. Look by the right window. :-P

I am also going to line the hem of the kimono sleeves with snaps to keep the white sleeve from protruding too much, which you can see happening in the above picture.

Admire my sleeve! I really like how the roses came out. :)

Ok. I still have a corset to finish. Bleh -_-;

Corset progress

I’m almost done sewing boning in. I’m feeling a bit lazy at the moment.