Cosplay is not Consent

Buzzfeed ran an article “31 Women Share The Creepiest Thing Someone’s Said to them While in Cosplay.”

I’m in this. The memory is from my first time cosplaying as Sailor Mars maybe four years ago… and I’d say this one stayed the creepiest to date… and to make it worse it was camera crew guys from Stan Lee’s show. :(

counterculture-queen asked:

Hey. I saw your thing about the prop policy. They bring them upstairs to the same place the lost and found is. They're in the trash cans because its easier to transport them that way. The policy is also extremely strict because New York is anal retentive about security and the convention is super packed. If there is an issue of the props not being returned, I would file a complaint.

Hi. This is not true for everyone. Not everyone was given the option to get them tagged. And if you notice, the ones in my picture, all of those props were not tagged. Now they are tagging confiscated props with a green form of some sort. Perhaps because of the stink everyone is making over it.

A few things, NYCC, Go Go Curry, etc

Yeah.. I really have no shame. Anyway it is a facebook context for Go Go Curry so you need to like the picture in this link….
the grand prize is a bunch of curry. I’m hungry. lol
NYCC pictures to come! I found the cutest Chibi Moon.. she was like four years old and her mommy was Sailor Moon. PICTURES OF THAT TO COME FOR SURE!!! *squeee*

NYCC has an unfair prop policy

I was going to wear my Sailor Pluto to NYCC but I was very afraid of getting my prop confiscated and THROWN AWAY. I saw so many people with very nice props being turned away or told to toss their props. This isn’t fair and NYCC needs to have a proper prop policy that is simple to understand.. not one that seems to be based on the screeners mood.

The truth is in the pictures. None of the props in these trash cans were dangerous. image


Also note: for those of you who said the item is tagged and returned to you - that depends on who your screener is. I know some people went home because they were given the option of trash or go home with the prop.

Can anyone confirm that their item was tagged and they were able to bring it home?

supersailorj asked:

Do you have any links to tutorials or maybe patterns to use so I can make one?

Oh, I used the green pepper Crystal Lake Skating Dress pattern. It’s almost perfect!

Also if you try this search  I think some of my old photos will come up from when I was making my fukus. I like to think pictures help visualize things that don’t make sense at first. I know my very very first fuku took forever because I spent so much of my time kind of staring and pondering.

Otakon 2014

I’m so lazy. We’re in September and I’m just now getting around to this post after I have spent probably 1000+ hours on Facebook doing absolutely nothing productive.

Anywho, here are some pictures!

I am beginning to think I like cosplaying as Sailor Pluto more than Mars.. but maybe because I’m a little bit older now and she fits my personality more @_@;

haha my boyfriend looks so confused. Anyway, I really liked being Yuuko; however, I need to figure out a way to get the hair up for more than a few hours so I can enter this outfit into some competitions!!! AS you see below, eventually I gave up and put the darn hair down. :( But the ‘kimono’ still looks lovely.

I guess that’s it!  After NYCC I will work on some new cosplays. I need to save some money and just relax because the Yuuko kimono was a huge time-consuming headache. Still worth it, though! I’ll need to get some better shoes for it…. haha.

Almost done with Yuuko cosplay!

I tried the kimono on again and right now I am sewing some fishnet stockings super tight over the hair pieces to keep them from frizzing up.

I am trying to work with what I have.. so what you see is a zip tie getting wrapped up in black pipecleaner.. lots of them to make it thicker. I then glued wefts and wrapped them all around. As you can see, it is very frizzy. I tried using fray block and hair spray but both just get white, flakey, and gross.

So I was thinking about hair and realized.. hair nets? why not? well I don’t want to spend a lot of money on hair nets so I went to the cheapy 99 cent store and got a pair of fishnet stockings. Not just anykind - you need the kind where the diamonds/netting is very small and thin… I then cut a piece of it off and cut a one inch thick strip. I am right now pulling it together very tightly so that you can see the strands of hair shining through. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get a good picture of that though to explain it. Just imagine a hair net.

You can see the necklace a little here. I think it came out great :) I also took this shot to show that the sleeves are fully lined. I didn’t want any red peeking through - I want it just like in the picture where you can’t see anything but her arms coming out of white fabric.

Not bad, right? :) After I sew tear drop beads onto the hair piece, I will see if I have enough left for the garter.

actuallymegaman asked:

I'm working on a sailor fuku atm (like 1st season Sailor Moon cosplay) and the under bust seam doesnt look too great and i feel awful about any advice for when you feel unmotivated? youre an inspiration, otherwise oh man

Hi! What does it look like exactly and how are you doing it? Mine is actually a second bodice worn on top of the fuku. When you are feeling frustrated I suggest googling cosplays to see what other people did and how you can build upon that. :)