Corset progress

I’m almost done sewing boning in. I’m feeling a bit lazy at the moment.

Corset, continued

Here are a few more pictures and my comments.

One is the lining, the other is the fabric that will be on the outside. I used a glossy looking synthetic fabric for the outside since I was hesitant to use vinyl because a lot can go wrong with that material. The lining is a thick fabric with some pattern weaved into it.

Ironing is important! After this step, I sewed the two pieces together with the good side in. Then turn it so the good side is out and iron some more to smooth the edges flat.

Note that this side, with the pattern is actually the lining.

I decided on heavy weight zip ties for boning.

When you measure the zip tie and cut it, you should burn the edge so it becomes rounded and will not rip the fabric. I suggest using sandpaper instead since I can’t hold my breath long enough and inhailing the toxic fumes made me a bit dizzy. :( I am going to melt some more strips tomorrow and take a break for today. Or maybe I will buy sandpaper or a thick nail filer.

So now I am sewing pipes in for the boning to go into. :)

Yuuko corset

I am still alive! I finally had a lot of time today so that means sewing and pictures to come. Here is a picture I took earlier. I hope to finish the corset this weekend.

I modified Simplicity 2355.

I’ll post more pictures later :)

Rose kimono almost complete!

I made the inner sleeves and attached the ruffles:

Obviously I have a lot of loose thread to trim.

Now I am attaching the same lace trim to the neckline:I was going to sew just like this, but I don’t trust the pins to stay in place when running it through the machine so I am hand sewing this on, then I will put it through the machine.

A stitch like this doesn’t need to be pretty or even sturdy - it’s just meant to keep the fabric in place like pins would.

At the 60% mark! A wonderful place to be!

I would say I am at 60% completion. I just need to add the ruffles and make the corset. After that I will begin worrying about accessories (I have been doing research of beading and have been thinking about the hair loops, etc). I think the actual sewing is the biggest issue because one can always buy accessories last minute.

The most often overlooked step in sewing is IRONING. When the garment is pretty much finished, put the right side out and try to make the seams flat according to how it will sit on the body. In this case, this seam is the long side of the kimono sleeve so I will want it stiff and flat like cardboard. I would NOT iron regular side seams for shirts, vests, pants, etc like this.

All done!

Here I am modifying my sewing pattern, Simplicity 2355.

Okay, here we go! This weird rectangle thing is going to be a sleeve that kind of acts like a glove.. meaning I will slip it on and elastic will keep it to my elbow. The longest opening (that edge on the left of the picture) will have ruffles. :) I am doing this so I don’t have to sew the ruffles directly to the kimono sleeve.

Finishing touches on a snowday from work :)

I think I’m almost done with the ‘kimono’ portion of this outfit… and as I near the finishline the lazy/cheap person in me wants to just attach white ruffles to the collar/sleeves even though I was vehemently against it before I started sewing. I suppose I can buy the trimmings and try it that way and if I don’t like it, I always have my seam ripper. 

Right now I am taking the backside in since it gets bunched up under my


The dressform also has more booty than me so these two lines actually go down to that black rose. I’m pretty annoyed because I bought this dressform specifically because I thought it was the same measurements as me and this is too big, also! Wah. This means trouble when I go to drape the waist cincher for this cosplay.

Yuuko ‘kimono’ problems and resolutions!

Remember that post a week or two ago where my game plan was to sew a trim on, iron it inward, and then whip stitch it into place? Well after all of that, turns out the neckline is too low cut and can’t support the sleeves like that. So I had to seam rip everything I sewed by hand and folded the trim out so now the ‘kimono’ has a collar like a real kimono. *sigh* I don’t care for this because there is no evidence of a collar trimming in CLAMPS artwork with this outfit. I do have to admit, it does look kind of nice and ‘clean’ so maybe I’ll let this slide like I did the Rei Hino vest without pockets.  You be the judge!

As you can see I have marked up where I plan to extend the black rose into the collar area. I’m still pondering if this is even necessary. I can always erase it if I get lazy.

Full view! I kind of like how the extra strip of fabric gives it a nice crisp look down the leg where the slit is.

Here is how I am doing the slit:

I simply removed a whole section of fabric and hemmed. I am going to place a button/elastic right by where the mini skirt part of the front begins so you can’t see the inside panel when I move around.

I made button holes in elastic for give and durability!

awesome-o-clock asked:
Hello! Um um could you post a picture of your Kotatsu if you don't mind? I've dreamed of making my own so I loved seeing your post!! Also if you could link which shop where you bought the heater? ASDFGHJKLJGEDSSXDRYM thank you so much!!


I bought the heater on ebay:

You can just type in ‘metro kotatsu’ and the heaters will show up. The one I have is ideal for a table the size of the square LACK coffee table from Ikea(not to be confused with the square LACK end table which is smaller).

Here are more pictures!

Sammy warming up after a bath under the kotatsu :)

I hope this helps!

Hemming the neckline

First I started with a strip of fabric about 6 inches wide. I folded it in half and then ironed it. I then attached it to the raw edge of the kimono.

With the kimono inside out, I am now folding the strip inward so that the raw edge is gone and the seam is visible as the edge of the fabric. Iron like sew… and then whip stitch it into place.

I think there is another name for the whip stitch but I don’t remember. If you’re not sure what it is - it is basically looping the thread right at the edge of the inner fold.

Does this picture help explain it?

You just want to grab a little bit of the bottom (outside part you see) fabric so that you cannot see the stitch when the garment is rightside out.

I hope to finish this hand stitch sometime today.

Visible progress!

I pinned and sewed - unfortunately I still have a bit of work to do. I’m tempted to buy an under kimono to just sew ruffles to, but I know that won’t actually work since this outfit is so fitted. I’m debating on how I will do the under kimono. I may buy a tight shirt and alter it for a deep neckline and large sleeves and then add ruffles. I’m tired of this cosplay at this point since I’ve been working on it since June of last year.

Ignore my sloppy, uncombed bangs! They’re growing long at this point and require a flat iron to look good. Ha!

I am going to do a bit more slimming in the waist  so it doesn’t bunch up under the corset.